SuperBeam for PC

SuperBeam For PC – Effortless sharing for all files!

SuperBeam for PC Online - Windows and Mac - Free DownloadSuperBeam for PC is an app that allows you to share files effortlessly. No more USB cables are required, rather you need to download SuperBeam for pc and you are good to go. Thus application gives you the fastest way to share files that it’s almost instant.

This is done via paring different devices that have this application installed. Here you use QR codes with an included scanner for those. You also apply keys for sharing. This is required if you want a higher level of security. This product requires WiFi as well as a decent connection. File sharing hasn’t been more convenient and fast thanks to SuperBeam for PC.

This is a review so here I want to point some of the great features that SuperBeam for PC has. You use WiFi direct that provides you with faster transfer speeds, pair your devices using QR or NFC code scanning. You can share with devices that don’t have the product installed as well. You can share a single file or a multitude of such of any type, like photos, videos, apk, contacts, zip files and more.

All shared operations are recorded in a history log. SuperBeam Download for PC has a modern design on its interface. This interface has a simple yet interesting receive and send screens which you can merge or separate via the interface settings for the user. With cool color themes you are good to go.

Like we mentioned – you don’t need to have a WiFi connection as SuperBeam for PC automatically can switch to a hotspot connection so file transfer can be done.

If you have the pro version of SuperBeam WiFi Direct Share for PC you get all the benefits – like not having to deal with ads, better sharing with pc using SuperBeam for PC. You can send entire folders without actually damaging their structure through archiving and receiving them using “Manual sharing keys”.

You can also send a multitude or files or just one to multiple devices as well. You also have unlimited history records and the ability to share an unlimited number of files on your web interface and you can download zip files too.

This app is convenient and simple to use, uses a simple concept for the size of the files, transfer takes mere moments, a well written app that most importantly – works!